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An elevator must be completely trusted. Because what is constantly in motion must also remain in motion reliably. Maximum safety and comfort for the users are just as important to us as maximum peace of mind for you. With our comprehensive range of services, we can respond to your individual needs and optimally tailor our support and maintenance to your usage intensity and requirements. So, you benefit from a cost-efficient solution and maintain the long-term value of your elevator system in the long term. EMCH is a EN 13015 and ISO 9001 certified service maintenance company.

We are here for you!

With EMCHService, we guarantee you absolute operational reliability - also for other brands. Our good name has stood for this since 1880. And with our many highly trained service specialists. We work with the most modern inspection and maintenance methods to keep your elevator reliably in motion. And if your elevator should ever stop you can rely on our 24-hour on-call service! That's 365 days a year, regardless of your chosen service contract. At EMCHService this is always possible, as well as the annual repeated maintenance and checks. Just lean back - your elevator is also our elevator.

24/7 Operations Center

Your demands are high - just like ours. EMCH customer service is your central point of contact for concerns and inquiries - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We take care of you. With passion, we work and take care of the well-being as well as the perfect function of your elevators every day. In case of emergency, we are there for you and guarantee reliable, fast, and individual assistance and support tailored to your needs.

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Every EMCH elevator is equipped with a powerful emergency call system with our emergency center via the Swiss mobile connection. Due to the ongoing network changeover of Swisscom, we are currently using the two technologies 3G and 4G (both 300Mbit/s). The costs for operation are included in our maintenance prices. Due to the permanent network connection of your elevator with our operations center, we can check the operating status and detect any problems before they a malfunction occurs. Your advantage: Your lift has a higher availability:

  • continuous analysis of operating data 24/7
  • predictive maintenance
  • clean reporting of activities



An elevator must be completely trusted. Because what's constantly in motion must also be reliably maintained. Maximum safety and comfort for users are just as important to us as maximum as peace of mind for you. With our extensive range of services, we can respond to your individual to your needs and optimally tailor our support and maintenance to the intensity of your use and your requirements. Thus, you benefit from a cost-efficient solution and maintain the long-term the value of your elevator system in the long term.

No matter what your elevator needs...

We are personally there for you. We maintain preventively and sustainably and have been ISO certified since 2011. We have been focusing on quality and for over 140 years. This makes us a safe and independent partner that has been combining manufacturer know-how since 1880.

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Maintenance, Inspection & Safety Check

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EMCH customer service 24h / 7 days

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Maintenance & control EMCHTEL

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Personal rescue 24h / 7 days

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Fault diagnosis 24h / 7 days

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Fault service 24h / 7 days

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Repair service

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Spare parts included

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Cleaning service

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Optional and individually selectable





In addition to maintenance work, an elevator also requires repairs. arise. Our workshop at the headquarters in Berne Bethlehem allows us to carry out even unusual repairs quickly and easily. done. We manufacture or adapt parts and components reliably. With our well-developed logistics and high availability of spare parts, we do everything in our power to reduce the downtime for maintenance and repair work on your elevator system to a minimum.

A well-coordinated team with years of experience responds immediately. The comprehensive material warehouse and the neatly maintained documentation allow us to master even the most unusual situations.

Rope replacement

The condition of the suspension ropes is checked by our technicians at every service visit. Should a replacement be necessary, we will inform you in good time and schedule an appointment for the repair.

Oil change

The oil in hydraulic units should be be tested regularly. A high-water content or heavy contamination can impair the smooth running and reliability of your elevator. In extreme cases it can lead to damage to the pump. We will gladly do a corresponding analysis report for you.

Spare parts store

A standing lift is annoying. Therefore we guarantee you with our spare parts warehouse the shortest possible downtime. In our small parts warehouse, more than 40'000 parts are waiting for your use. Because a high availability of your elevator is our top priority!

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