New installations

The special is quite normal with us. EMCH offers strong product lines that know no limits in terms of function and design. By the way: We understand your wishes as a very special challenge. We bring your project with the specified architectural language and the technical requirements on site. So that everything fits - for residential and hospital, residential home, or commercial building. From the application for industry, the large car elevator to the small products elevator for gastronomy.

Design systems

We call it EMCHDesign: the elevator as a design element embedded in the architecture. You determine the materialization. Whether in wood, glass or any other material. There are no limits to your plans. Play with shapes, colors and materials. You determine the lift technology and the shaft dimensions. And if you wish, we can build the complete shaft frame for you.


  • square and round design elevators
  • panoramic elevators for indoor and outdoor use
  • Exterior lifts on facades or in courtyards
  • micro lifts for smallest shaft dimensions
  • rotating elevators
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Special systems

Special solutions are often required for the implementation of operational or normative requirements. Topics such as earthquake safety, fire protection, explosion protection, hygiene, or vandalism are all familiar to us. Our engineers know the relevant standards and quickly find the right solution. If necessary, we develop special solutions for all conceivable applications and confirm conformity by means of an individual acceptance test. This has resulted in many special installations in the past decades. An inclined elevator in the Zurich train station, a rotating car elevator in the Ferrari garage in Basel, or a special or a special lift for fun park boats in the amusement park in Doha Qatar. What is your special challenge? We are waiting for your contact us!

  • inclined elevators
  • special freight elevators
  • retractable elevators
  • Rooftop elevators without shaft
  • Elevators without shaft
  • explosion-proof elevators with ATEX approval
  • Elevators with special hygiene requirements
  • vandal resistant elevators according to EN 81-71
  • Elevators exposed to the weather
  • burglar-proof elevators
  • amagnetic elevators for hospitals in the field of MRI
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Residential buildings

Regardless of whether it is a high-rise building with a high number of trips or a small single-family house with minimal use. With our product lines, we offer reliable solutions for all requirements. There are countless types of construction with a multitude of technical options. EMCH offers strong product lines. With the EMCHMaster you benefit from the highest flexibility, completely Swiss-made. Thereby we rely on technologies and variable drive concepts. The STANDARDLIFTEMCH fits into a standardized lift shaft and is made from European production. You will be surprised by the wide range of equipment options. Because what we modestly call "standard", sets new standards on the market.


Commercial buildings

EMCH has the right lift for every need. You are looking for the greatest possible flexibility in terms of shaft dimensions and the associated space utilization? Your lift should have a high-quality standard and be extremely reliable so that your investment pays off over decades. The life expectancy of an EMCHMaster elevator is well over 40 years. By using components that are freely available on the market, the procurement of spare parts is guaranteed for decades. Our credo has proven itself: Mass elevator instead of mass production!


High technical competence paired with reliability - that's EMCH. Tomorrow's technology with yesterday's experience! This is confirmed by clinics and hospitals, who rely on a lift that is tailored to their individual requirements. The be-all and end-all for efficient operation. No matter whether passenger, goods, or bed elevator. Together with we develop and build exactly the lift that you need and what you want. In a new construction project or as part of a refurbishment project with retrofitting. With our optimized shaft dimensions, you will always find a suitable solution. Payloads between 200 and 3500kg or even larger are possible.


Residence halls

Our EMCHMaster passenger and goods elevators are the ideal solutions to meet the operational and transport needs of residents, employees, and visitors. The compact design helps to optimize space requirements. In the unlikely event of a power outage, the optional emergency evacuation system, which is available as an option, ensures that transports passengers safely to the next floor, where the doors automatically open. automatically to allow passengers to exit. This option is also available in our STANDARDLIFTEMCH line. A good feeling of safety.


Our EMCHMaster goods elevators are designed for commercial, industrial continuous operation. The elevators are equipped with components of the highest quality components, which ensure trouble-free elevator operation ensure trouble-free elevator operation even under extremely high demands. The components used are gearless premium motors for rope-mechanical systems or regulated controlled hydraulic power units. The hydraulic drive is still the most robust and efficient drive system, especially with the most robust and efficient drive system. Through modern inverters, we achieve low energy consumption and optimize the noise level.


Gastronomy and Hotel industry

From the unique design solution for the lobby to the fully customizable EMCHMaster elevator for transporting guests and goods to the transport, to the small goods elevator for the kitchen. You will find the right solution for all applications. suitable solution. Our sound-optimized dampen vibrations and the high-quality guide rollers guarantee an exceptionally long service life. Our small goods elevators comply with EN 81-3 and can be supplied with self-supporting steel supplied.


We offer a selection of car elevators that move vehicles from one floor to another in an efficient and space-saving way. Thus, the parking garage in the basement can be or, for those who prefer, the vehicle can be parked on the residential floor. Expensive ramps and driveways ramps and driveways are a thing of the past. The stress on the material is particularly high in-car elevators. particularly, in addition, the reliability and availability of the elevator are even more important.
Unpleasant for those who must take a cab to work in the morning. Thanks to components, our products are particularly robust and reliable. The best prerequisite for trouble-free operation in tough everyday use.

"The suspended, fully glazed elevator in the alcohol administration in Berne, exclusively 1995, was a testimony to the exceptional innovative strength of EMCH's engineers. Technical and craftsmanship combine to create a timeless aesthetic power. When it came to creating a connection between the Kirchenfeldbrücke and the Schwellenmätteli, the Bernese company, highly regarded by architects, the Bernese company invented an arch a curved lift - unfortunately not executed - that followed the semicircular arches of the bridge. Futuristic and breathtaking, far ahead of its time.” Rolf Mühlethaler, Architect BSA SIA, Bern
«Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Nullam id dolor id nibh ultricies vehicula.» – Ornare Dolor

& technique

Online planning tools are not the be-all and end-all. Our elevators are not standardized mass products. We start where our competitors know the limits of their products. That's why we do not offer classic technical documentation or planning documents or planning tools. Successful elevator planning requires the knowledge of specialists - and EMCH is the right partner for you. is the right place. We are convinced that personal contact and with one of our elevators architects and technicians will lead you faster and more efficiently to your goal. Please contact us or describe your request in our live chat. We will answer you immediately. You will also find many application examples in our online magazine. The newsletter brings you technical news regularly directly to your mailbox.



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